Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find the following information useful. Please use this as your first point of reference. If your query is not answered below, then please contact practest@edutest.com.au for assistance.


I have not received my PASSWORD and ID.


Please check that you used your correct email address with the correct spelling. If you think your email was incorrect, please email practest@edutest.com.au and give us the correct email address.

If you have a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account, please check your spam or junk mail boxes, as experience has shown that quite often our emails are directed to the junk folder.

Lastly, your email address may have very tight security that does not allow new (Edutest) emails to be received. If this is the case, you may need to send us an alternative email address.



What if my PASSWORD does not work?


Please check that you have typed it in correctly, using the correct letters and numbers e.g. sometimes a "1" is typed in as a "I" or vice -versa. Check that the numbers and letters are in the correct sequence.  If you used the parent password reset service, copy and paste the password from the email.



What happens if I forget my password or can't find where I stored it?


It is important to keep all your login details and passwords in a safe place.

However, if you have forgotten your password, then you just need to click on “forgotten your password?” in the login area and it will be emailed to you immediately.

Please check your 'Junk Mail' for this email.



How do I log onto the Practice Test site?


Simply go to www.edutest.com.au and click on the orange link at the left of the page titled ‘PRACTICE TESTS’. The log in screen will appear.

The tests can only be accessed using the your parent ID and password which was sent at the time of registration. 

NOTE:  There is now only ONE login and password for practice tests.



Can I change the year level of the practice tests to suit my child or children?


Yes you can.

Practice test year levels are not set at the time of purchase.  You can select any test level for your child.  This can only be done at the start of each practice tests.  Once a test has begun you cannot change the year level for that particular test.

  • Log in using your ID and password.
  • Click on start new test and a drop box with year levels will appear
  • Select the year level and test you would like your child to complete (this is completely up to you, and refunds will not be given for incorrect test selection).
  • Enter your child’s name.
  • The test is now ready to be taken.

You do have the option to REPEAT a test.  This repeat will use up one of your test credits.  If you wish to repeat a test, click the RERUN A TEST button at the top of the page and proceed as before.

NOTE: Once you have started a test, you cannot change the year level.

Remember, you must click on 'start new test' and choose from the drop down box of year levels, to make your selection.



Do you have paper versions of the practice tests?  Can I print the tests out?


No. All EduTest practice tests are conducted online and are interactive. You need access to a computer and the internet.  Tests are not posted to you, nor can they be printed.



How many tests can I buy?


There are 3 practice tests at Year levels 4 to 5 and 8 to 11.  There are 6 practice tests at Year levels 6 and 7. There are no practice tests for year 3, however, you may wish to choose a year 4 test as an alternative.

The amount of test credits you choose to purchase is not limited.  But please keep in mind that there are only 3 tests at each year level.



What year level of practice test have I purchased?


The test levels are not set at the time of purchase

When logging in to begin practice tests parents and students can select the year level that they would like to take. You are able to choose from ANY of our practice tests (year 4 -11). Tests can also be repeated by choosing the ‘Repeat Tests’ option. This is particularly useful for families with multiple children in the same year level

We strongly recommend that parents assist their children with the selection of their practice test year levels.  Errors made in this selection cannot be undone.




What if I want to purchase more tests?


To purchase more practice tests you need to log in to your parent account (using the Login and Password that we sent you at the time of registration) and click on the following icon:


Alternatively, you can also click on the RETURN button underneath completed practice tests.

Follow the prompts to select the number of tests you would like to purchase.

Input your credit card details.

You will receive an email confirming your purchase.



What if I have more than one child?


When you or your children log in to complete practice tests you are asked to select a practice test and then INPUT THE STUDENT NAME.  If you have more than one child your test selection screen will show which tests each child has completed.  You are also able to select the SAME TESTS (this is particularly useful if the students are in the same year level), by choosing the ‘Repeat test’ button at the top of the selection page.

If you purchased 3 tests (3 credits) and you have 2 children, then both your children can access the tests until the credits are used (three tests between 2 children).




Are the practice tests similar to the Scholarship and Entrance Tests?


Our practice tests are designed to expose students to the style and format of the kinds of questions they will face in an entrance or scholarship examination.  They are not designed to duplicate the level of difficulty of an actual scholarship examination. 

There are many ways these practice tests are similar to the examinations students will sit.

Practice tests have 20 questions per sub-test.  Scholarship examinations have many more questions than this, are more detailed and have questions with a varying degree of difficulty. 

Our practice tests are not designed to be too difficult for students to complete.  Most students get between 75 to 100% of practice test questions correct.  Scholarship examinations are designed to be quite demanding in order to identify students achieving at the highest levels.  It is important to prepare your child for an examination that is likely to be challenging for them, and to ensure that they have realistic expectations going in to the test.  It is important to note, and to discuss with your child, that it is quite normal for students to only complete, or correctly answer, about half of the questions posed to them.  You and your child should not panic if this is the case.  In some cases, students who have completed less than half the questions may still receive a relatively good result.  Once all tests have been scored, schools often provide you with a parent report that goes into more details about your child’s score in comparison to the normal population.

Practice tests are NOT TIMED and can be paused and resumed multiple times.  Scholarship examinations are completed under timed conditions with 30 minutes for each sub-test.  There is no additional reading time in the scholarship examination.  Additional reading time is usually introduced into exams when students are required to provide an essay type response or where they have the choice to answer one question from a list (in which case the extra reading time allows them to decide which question they wish to answer).  With regard to a multiple-choice test, extra reading time is not necessary.  Prior to commencing each of our sub tests the administrator will go through three practice examples with the group, ensuring they have an understanding of what to expect.

Practice tests are not designed to be used as a coaching tool.  They are designed to make students feel comfortable with the style of questions they will face in an examination.  They are not intended to duplicate the scholarship material.

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